10 Interesting Step By Step Nail Art Designs

Step By Step Nail Art Designs

Everyone loves beautiful nail art especially for young girls are used to do it on a daily basis with matching colours with their clothes. Approximately all young girls these days have grown longer nails to look more stylish and did different nail arts making the longer nails even more attractive.

Initially nails were only painted in a one way or two by applying nail paints but then with time the concept of nail art originated and till now many special tool equipment are available in market for nail art purposes. Many beauty salons are working professionally for this purpose. Trendy girls these days make cartoons, sneakers, computer prints, dotted, cherry blossoms, cupcakes, lining and many other designs on their nails.

There are so many different nail designs, that you can even imagine. The best way to learn how to do a nail design is to follow the instructions through pictures where each step is presented. This post consists of 10 Interesting Step By Step Nail Designs that you are going to love. You just need to follow the steps precisely and enjoy while creating your perfect nail design.

So, take a look at the pictures below and experiment with different nail designs everyday!


These arts are made by nail’ art tools. There are small equipments designed for a quick handy nail art, for making those small prim designs such as dots, lining etc in a fine way. Other than that nail brushes are available of various sizes according to their purposes. Newspaper prints on nails are so in trend these days, stickers of flowers, stars, beads are now available for the cute nail art purposes.

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