10 Wonderful Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles

Wedge Haircuts and Hairstyles

Wedge hairstyle is a classic short haircut that looks universally flattering on all hair types. Wedge haircuts and hairstyles inspired thousands of women to head to the salon to get her signature haircut. It gives your hair a balanced and an everyday elegant look without being too casual. These classic wedge haircut is a great idea for straight and slightly curly hair.

Here are the best ideas of the classic short haircuts, select one of the beautiful hair pictures and try a fresh haircut for yourself.

Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Side-Parted Blonde Bob

Wedge hairstyles are set apart with longer pieces throughout the top and short layers in the back. Despite the fact, there is a bit of a set formula, you still can have a ton of fun and make the look your own. A shorter area above one ear is an edgy awry detail that will help you stand out.

The New Bob


A bob haircut is a must-have haircut of the year. From famous celebrities to grade school girls, everybody is trading in long locks for a flattering short cut. Instead of mixing in with everyone else, separate yourself with some uniquely well-placed highlights and an angled style.

Colorful Comb Over

colorful comb over

With short haircuts it can be difficult to get some additional volume if you have fine strands. A long layered blasts and deep-seated side part will lift your style and give you natural-looking body.

Red Hot


Those who truly required more weight should try a more extreme angle. The shorter layers in the back of the head will create more weight and make your style look fuller. With all of this weight, you will need a splendid shading throughout the top to break up the density.

Go for Gold


If you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain yet still looks fashionable, this is the cut for you. It can be really difficult to pull off really light hair with fair skin, so ensure that your style with bold brows and a touch of eyeliner so that your features don’t get washed out. Not all wedge hairstyles have to be cut at extreme angles or intensely layered.

Too Cool for School


This hairstyle is James Dean inspired style borrowed from the boys. The messy brushed back texture throughout the crown is cool and sexy, without trying too hard; styling drop earrings will make your face pop.

Rich Pixie


This haircut may not look like your typical wedge haircut, but that’s the beauty of it. While it seems like a pixie, the stacked layers throughout the crown and the soft sweeping bangs make it different and unique. This haircut is perfect for those women who have long faces who need a subtle-yet-stylish hairdo.

Balayage and Tousled Strands


A stacked transformed cut is just perfect for women with fine hair because it creates thickness allthrough the crown of the head. Balayage highlights makes a feeling of weightlessness in the front of the style so that it doesn’t seem excessively thick.

Delicate and Sassy


A bowl cut can seem scary and it may not be well suited for all face shapes. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid it- simply change it to make it work for you. Long side-swept smacks and a few layers will provide angles and structure to round faces.

Maroon Maven


A perfect shape, lovely texture, dazzling composition and beautiful color shading make a head-turning hairstyle. It’s all about the master layering and strategically placed angles, enhanced by a beautiful hue.

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