4 Beautiful Hair Hacks that you should know

hair hacks

Some girls skip hair styles altogether just because they are unaware of easy-to-use hacks. These hair hacks will not only surprise you, but also help you feel confident and elegant. Are you ready to try the hair hacks? Or you want to procrastinate it for some other time? Well, right time never comes, it’s now or never. So, read on and try out to become handy with these hacks.


  • Trim Split Ends Creatively at Home

hair hacks

Women visit hair stylists to get their split ends trimmed after every six months. But, if you can trim you hair yourself, then it’s not mandatory. Do it yourself at home is very easy. The simplest way is twist your hair and then cut the hairs that you see sticking out.

  • Make Classy Bun in Minutes

hair hacks

Wanna style your hair in a classy bun due to extreme heat?  Try this one. Make a nice ponytail high on your head first of all. Split your hair in two parts and then start twisting them from the end. Wrap both the parts in opposite directions and tie your hair.

  • DIY Dry Shampoo

hair hacks
When you wake up late and don’t get time for shampooing and conditioning your hair properly, then make your own shampoo by mixing ¼ cup of cornstarch and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Apply this mixture in the roots of hair; and then comb. It will keep your hair clean and oil-free throughout the day.

Note: Those who have thicker hair, they must add cocoa powder along with cornstarch for the best results.

  • Want Wavy Hair?

hair hacks

Braids can make hair waves, but women want is those wavy hair look stick around for longer. Make multiple braids if you have thick, long hair. Then apply flat iron those braids with straightener. Heat them for some time and then wait till it cools down. At last, loosen or untie your braids gradually.



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