5 Pretty Nails Hacks that you should know

Some girls skip nails designs altogether just because they are unaware of easy-to-use hacks. These nails hacks will not only surprise you, but also help you feel confident and elegant. Are you ready to try the nails hacks? Or you want to procrastinate it for some other time? Well, right time never comes, it’s now or never. So, read on and try out to become handy with these hacks.

Graduated Manicure
Why waste a lot of time on coating every single nail separately, when you can do it easily at once. Surprised? Well, that’s right. Take your favourite colors and makeup sponges. First of all, paint the design on sponge, and then press it against your nail. Follow the same pattern on each nail and see the results.


nails hacks

Band Aid for Nail Art
Get some band aids. Take your favourite nail polish colors and then paint your nails like you usually do. Wait for some times till the nails dry. After that, paste the sticky portion of band aid on your nails. Then, color the band with whichever color you want. And your polka-dot look is ready!

nails hacks

Gingham Check Nails
Nail art made easier! Yes, you heard it right! Firstly, paint your favorite color on scotch tape. Then cut the tape into strips so as to get gingham design on your nails. Try as many different and bright colors as you can. Drop the tape carefully; and lastly, apply the top most coat.
nails hacks

Two-toned Nails


You have need craft scissors to trim tape in a stylistic way. Get the craft scissors. Make sure that you match the right length of nail while trimming the tape. Paint the base color on your nails of your choice. And after it dries, use tape on half nail. And then paint the other bare half of nail with some other color. Take off the tape to witness two-toned nails.

nails hacks
Dry Nail Polish Quickly

There are two awesome ways to dry your newly polished nails which otherwise gets ruined due to the wetness. First one is to use blow dryer to dry them and second one to dip them in ice water which would be easily available at home in freezer.nails hacks


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