8 quick Makeup tips for college and university girls

8 quick Makeup tips for college and university girls

Every girl wants to show off her flawless face and looks perfect in her college and university days. The perfect way of makeup for college and university girl is to doing light makeup because doing sharp makeup daily makes them more mature then their age. Follow the tips below for easy and quick makeup that will help you to look perfect and beautiful in college days.

1. Always apply light tone makeup


The first tip is focused on the use of light tone makeup. It is the one of the best and important tip to be considered. Doing sharp and dark makeup will enable you to lost your innocence. It will also give you mature looks and you look more than your age. So it is advisable always apply light tone makeup that will make you look pretty with all your innocence.

2. Apply moisturizer


Moisturizer helps to hydrates the skin well. After using the moisturizer your skin becomes so soft and get ready to apply the makeup items. Moisturizer is to be used daily. For better results always prefer more intense moisturizer.

3. Choose one BB cream according to your skin Texture


Girls must use BB cream on daily basis because it will take you away from tanning. BB cream by Garnier is very effective and you can also choose another brand according to your skin type.

4. Get an Eyelash Turner and Mascara


Putting on mascara daily is not a good choice, but if you think for curled lashes, we have one solution for this issue. Buy an eyelash turner from any beauty shop. This tool works amazingly, you just need to know how to use it. If you want sharp curls, you can also apply mascara.

5. Use Best Kajal Instead Eyes


Kajal give attractive look to eyes. Trace the kajal at the inner rim of eyes and it will give fuller looks to your eyes and make you pretty beautiful.

6. Use Black Gel Eyeliner or Eye Pencil


Just use a peculiar line on your eyes that will helps to maintain your innocence if you haven’t enough sleep last night. Your eyes will not look sleepy.

7. Brush On Some Blusher


For whole cute look, a light tone blusher is very important. Take a very light shade of pink and apply it gently on your face.

8. Moisturize your Lips with Lip Balm


Lip balm is very essential in makeup. Your lips look incomplete if the color of lips is missing. Apply light shade of color in your lips.


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