Ayurvedic Remedies for Kidney Stone

Ayurvedic Remedies for Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is very painful and very difficult to bear. Crystallization of minerals and waste materials in urine help in forming kidney stone. A kidney stone may vary from a very small size to a large size stone. A small size stone may pass unnoticed during urinating but a large size stone may block the urinary path and cause unbearable pain. The main symptom of kidney stone is severe pain in the line of urinal system, vomiting and nausea is also common. If the stone is large than bleeding while urinating can also happen.

Vrukka Ashmari is the ayurvedic name of kidney stone. In ayurveda it is consider that improper diet and lifestyle caused kidney stone by helping in forming toxins in human body. The main treatment of kidney stone is cleaning the body toxin by using Panchakarma. Other ayurvedic remedies are given below:

  • Kidney beans:

  • Kidney beans are very effective for kidney stone. The liquid of kidney beans helps in cleaning the kidney stone. In order to make the liquid, you need to add 60g of kidney beans to 4/5 litres of water, heat them for 5-6 hr, strain the liquid and add some water to cool. And then drink the liquid and continue the process for about a week.

  • Horse Gram and Pomegranate Seeds:

  • Liquid made from these two is also very helpful. Add 1 cup of horse gram in ½ litre of water and heat them. Then collect the soup and add 2 teaspoon of crushed pomegranate seeds and mix them. Drink these daily.

  • Radish Seeds:

  • A Radish seed is very helpful in dissolving kidney stone. Add 2 teaspoon of marinate radish seeds in a glass of water and heat them till the half range. And drink the remaining.

  • Basil leaves:

  • Mixture of basil leaves and honey is also very helpful. Boil around 15 basil leaves in water for 15-20 minutes and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Take the mixture daily.

    Ayurvedic Remedies for Kidney Stone
    All the ayurvedic remedies are very helpful in cleaning and dissolving the kidney stone but, the most important thing you need to do is to have a good lifestyle and have proper diet.

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