Ayurvedic treatment for Infertility in Female

Ayurvedic treatment for Infertility in Female

Female Infertility refers to the failure or inability to conceive after having unprotected sexual intercourse for a year. It may also be refer to when women get pregnant but have repeated miscarriage. The main cause of Female infertility is due to ovulation disorder. Some other causes are hormonal imbalance, blockage of the fallopian tube, anatomical defects of the uterus, endocrine disorders, uterus fibroids etc.

According to Ayurveda, female infertility occurs due to weak shukra dhatu, which means weak reproductive tissues. So in order to get conceives you need a healthy and strong shukra dhatu.

Here are some of the Ayurvedic treatment for Infertility in Female that will improve shukra dhatu and treat female infertility:

  • Shatavari (asparagus rasemosus):

  • Shatavari is known for its triterpene saponins contain, which are high rich in phytoestrogen compounds. It is a very effective ayurvedic herb which is use for infertility and miscarriage since it increases fertility and nourishes the ovum.

  • Kumari (aloe barbadensis):

  • Kumari or aloe has been use for many ayurvedic treatments. It is very effective for treatment for female infertility since it increases the production of oestradiols and progesterone by ovarian cell.

  • Ashoka (saraca asoca):

  • Ashoka is very effective for treating menorrhegia and luekorrhoea. The barks of this tree contain oestrogenic compound which stimulates the ovarian tissues and inner line of the uterus that helps increase fertility.

  • Lodhra (symplocos rasemosa):

  • The bark of lodhra is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Its astringent bark is used for the treatment of various female disorders such as uterine disorder, menorrhegia, luekorrhoea etc. It also increases the reproductive hormones in female.

  • Banyan tree bark:

  • Banayan tree bark is an effective remedy for the treatment of female infertility. The powder of the dry bark of the banyan tree and sugar is mixed and added in milk to drink since it treats infertility problems in female.

    Ayurvedic treatment for Infertility in Female

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