Ayurvedic treatment for Pancreatitis

Ayurvedic treatment for Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis refers to the inflammation of the pancreas. Endocrine and exocrine are the two glands of pancreas. It is located behind the stomach and is about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. Pancreas plays an important role in the digestive system and metabolism of the body. It produces insulin and glucagon that helps digestive system and regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Pancreatitis may be cause due to gallstones, alcoholism, heavy medication, hyper-parathyroidism, high, cyctic fibrosis etc. Its symptoms are abdominal pain, digestive problems, fever, swollen abdomen, vomiting etc.According to Ayurveda, pancreas is known as ‘grahani’ and pancreatitis is cause due to the aggravation of vata-pitta(air and fire elements) in the rasa dhatu (digestive system). It can be treated effectively by using ayurvedic remedies.

  • Turmeric:

  • Turmeric is the best ayurvedic remedy for the treatment and prevention of pancreatitis. It is also known for its anti inflammatory properties. Turmeric powder added in milk should be taken every day to help treat the inflammation cause by pancreatitis.

  • Amla:

  • Amla or gooseberry is an excellent anti-oxidant and is very rich in vitamin C. it is one of the ayurvedic remedy that is very helpful for treating pancreatic disorder. Dry amla powder should be boiled in water and drink when it cools down to put pancreatitis at bay.

  • Dandelion root:

  • Dandelion root is also an excellent ayurvedic remedy for treating pancreatic problems. It improves bile production which helps improve digestion of fats in the body.

  • Lassi (buttermilk):

  • When it comes to pancreatitis treatment, lassi or buttermilk is one of the best. Drink lassi every day to reduce the inflammation. You can also add some cumin and salt for taste.

  • Blueberry:

  • Blueberry is high rich in anti-oxidant which helps neutralize the free radicals in our body. Drink blue berry juice regularly to treat and prevent pancreatic problems.Follow a diet that helps maintain the proper functioning of the pancreas such as food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. Drink lots of water since pancreatitis causes dehydration and totally avoid alcohols and tobaccos.

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