Ayurvedic treatment using warm water

warm water

According to Ayurveda drinking warm water in the morning is most beneficial. In order to stay healthy at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day is necessary for every human being. However, drinking 1 to 2 glasses of hot water daily works like medicine for several health problems. Today we are going to tell you certain health benefits of drinking warm water every day.

1. If you are bothered by Skin Problems and tired of using many cosmetics for glowing skin than start drinking a glass of warm water daily. You will be free from skin problems and have a glowing skin.

2. Girls during periods should drink a glass of lukewarm water to get relieves from stomach pain. Indeed, giving her hot water will relax the pain in the muscles which would stretch during periods.

3. Hot water removes the toxins out from the body. Drinking water in empty stomach at morning and at night after dinner helps free from digestive related problems such as constipation and gas problems.

4. In order to improve appetite a glass of warm water is also very useful. Add lemon juice, pepper and salt in a glass of warm water and drink it. The abdominal heaviness will be away in no time.

5. Drinking hot water in empty stomach keeps away from urine-related disease. Decreases inflammation of the heart. For diseases born out of vata hot water is very beneficial an act as Elixir.

6. Regular intake of water warm helps circulation of bloods fast. In fact,drinking warm water increases the temperature of the body. It removes all toxic elements out from the body through sweat.

7. According to charaka code, during fever a thirsty patient should not drink cold water. They should only drink hot water since it is more profitable during fever.

8. If any part of the body is a pain due to gas, drinking a glass of hot water to get out the gas.
9. Most abdominal diseases come from contaminated water. If the water is boiled and drank it when it cools down than most of the stomach diseases will not come up.

10. Drinking warm water is very useful. It helps relieves cold and other winter related diseases.

11. Hot water is very beneficial for asthama, hiccups, throats etc. and also diseases that comes up after intake of fried and barbecued items.

12. Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with a whole lemon juice in empty stomach at morning keeps your body rich in vitamin C and also strengthens the defense mechanism of the body. It also helps in keeping the p.h. level right.

13. A glass of warm water daily act as a great tonic. It hydrates the scalp of the head making you free from scalp problem.

14. Hot water is very helpful for weight loss. Drinking warm water after an hour of eating increases the metabolism.

15. Drink warm water with lemon and a few drops of honey every day to go slim.

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