Best Gift Ideas for Diwali 2016

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Diwali is almost upon us. During Diwali there is a hug gifts exchange between relatives and friends, but Getting best gift ideas for Diwali 2016 is a challenge. If you wish to think out of the box of typical Diwali presents of sweet boxes, clothes, silver pieces, regular jewelry, or Diwali hampers, then check out our list of some other cool Diwali gifts that you can gift your family and friends.

1. Sweets & Dry Fruits:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

No festive season is said to be complete without relishing your taste buds with delicious Gulab Jamun, Soan Papdi, Rasgulla and Barfi and Diwali is lot about yummy sweets and dry fruits. Now a day’s you will find sweets packed in beautiful, sweet boxes, baskets, and ornamented or silver platter. Choose the one best kind of packing and sweets you prefer and start gifting.

2. Innovative Table Lamps:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Some cool kitsch table lamps might be a cool gift, rather unusual gift as well as an interesting way to light up the halls and bedrooms. Unlike other Diwali lighting, they can use it all year round!

3. Unique Diyas:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Some interesting Diya sets might help them spread the Diwali joy and also light up their homes. They can be earthen, but in cool, interesting designs, or they can be metallic and slightly edgy looking. A set of such Diyas should be a pretty cool, minimalist yet useful gift to give this Diwali.

4. Paintings:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Every house needs some amount of artwork to adorn their walls. Giving a painting to your family and friends this Diwali is a wonderful gift idea. It is even much better if the painting is something that is meaningful to your relationship. You can gift a Laxmi, Ganpati or flower painting. It would add character to their home, as well as make them smile every time they look at it and think of you.

5. Diwali Laxmi Ganesh Gifts:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Present beautifully crafted Laxmi Ganesh gifts and let the almighty powers bestow their love, happiness and affection on all your closed ones. These idols are available in the market in many shapes and are made up of brass, wood, marble, silver and gold.

6. Interesting Candle Stands:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

If there is Diwali, there are going to be candles for sure. The tradition of lighting candles and Diyas is central to the celebration of Diwali, wherever you are. So, these beautiful Diwali candles are most appropriate gift for this ‘Festival of Lights.’ But take care that the design and color of the candle stand goes with their home décor theme.

7. Earthen Pots:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Designer earthen pots are also a cool or best gift ideas for Diwali 2016. You are good with the brush, you can personalize them, maybe with a little painting, so that they can be used in multiple ways, as showpieces, as flower pots, as flower vases, or just as simple knick-knack containers.

8. Bracelet Watches:

Best gift ideas for diwali 2016

Diwali follows right after Dhanteras, which is why there is such a surge of people rushing to buy jewelry presents. Set the mark a little different. Instead of buying jewelry for your mom or sister or any other amazing woman in your life, why not gift her a designer branded bracelet watch?

Other Popular Best Gift Ideas for Diwali 2016:

Household gifts like gadgets, chinaware along with the apparels, paintings, crackers, candles, books also enjoy great utility value. As the festival connotes with the enrich traditional values various Pooja items like Pooja Thali, diyas, gold gifts, office stationary are also gaining immense popularity.

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