Health and Hygiene

Have you been following a procedure for your hygiene, do you get up early in the morning, brush your teeth, take a bath, the bathroom daily and go to the bed to sleep at night? If you only do all these, this is not good enough, you need to put more care for your health and hygiene.
Nowadays cleanliness seems next to godliness, pay no attention to our health care and grooming may cause to suffer with health problems which you are not even aware. Problem like dandruff are forgivable, but it also affects your looks. Good looks usually result of great efforts and time.
All physical parts of our body needs time, efforts, and attention. Here are some tips that help you to how to attend your daily grooming needs. Have a look-
Hair Care
First of all, keep your hair at a length, so that you can easily manage and wash them in a clean manner all times. Wash your hair at least three times a week. It is not a good idea to use soap, use a mild shampoo in your hair and wash them with plenty of water. Be sure and carefully use towel dry hair. Use oil to your scalp once per week.
We recommend not to use hair dye or coloring if possible, because it contains chemicals cause premature hair loss.
Skin Care
A good bath is essential for skin once in a day. After doing any exhausting activity, you should always take a bath. You can take mild soap, bath brushes and scrubber foe bath. You should pay special attention to your genital area because lack of care paid to these area lead infections. Rinse yourself thoroughly after washing and make sure your towel must be clean and dry. Don’t share your towel with anyone.
Teeth Care
Brush your teeth twice in a day. It is also important to brush at night before going to bed. When brushing its important to brush lower and upper teeth in a circular manner. Brush your tongue carefully. Don’t share your toothbrush with anyone. It’s better to use organic toothpaste that’s completely safe.
Hands Care
You should always wash your hands, no such thing that how many times. Use soap every time you wash. You should always wash your hand before and after meals and also after to go bathroom. You should use hand cream if they become dry.
Nails Care
Always keep your nail well trimmed. A woman may polish their nail with beautiful color. Very large, highly yellow nails cause serious diseases.
Feet Care
Many people give no attention to their own feet. You should always do a scrubbing to the feet, when taking a bath. Always wear comfortable shoes and put clean socks to your feet.

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