Top 7 styles of heels that every woman must own


Today, high heels in footwear styles are in center of fashion. High heels are not make you look taller but make the calves flex, giving the legs a fit and leaner look. One must invest in heels that are comfortable to wear, easy to balance in and still look chic. They also give you confidence, elegance and makes fashionable. Someone must know different type of heels from which few are listed below:

Kitten Heels


Kitten heels are comfort and fashion mix. They are great for parties and work events where you don’t need extra heights. They can be labeled as ‘young girl stilettos’ and they never run out of fashion. You love the style of kitten heels that have height from 1.5 inches o 2 inches.


A pair of colored pumps looks fantastic with party dresses and it goes with any clothing style. Pumps are usually wider from the front and 2-3 inches in height.



The most recognizable style of high-heel shoes is the stiletto. They are highest and thin of all the high heels, reach up to 8 inches. You can also wear stilettos with skirts and dresses to look taller and lengthen your legs.

Ankle Strap Heels


Ankle strap heels are very much in style now. The height of the heel can vary, but the most common way for its popularity is the strap that goes around the ankle. This makes the heels more secure and comfortable to walk in.

Wedge Heels


Wedge heels are quite popular for starters. Wedge shoe are of two types: – Wedge heels and Wedge sandals.
Wedge heels will be thicker at the heels and narrower at the toes. Wedge heels are no separation from the heel to the sole. Wedge sandals are the same upper but they have in the more open form.

Cone Heels


What you might expect: a cone! Exactly, Cone heels form cone shaped style. They are wider at the sole of the foot and narrower at the base.

Cork High Heels


Cork material is used to make these heels. Height and style of these heels can vary, but use of cork material makes them comfortable, softer, more cushioned step.

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