Highest Advance Tax Payers in Bollywood: Salman tops 2016 – 2017

Highest Tax Payers in Bollywood

Salman Khan has become the highest individual tax payer in the industry, by beating Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan who paid Rs 29.5 crore and Rs 25.5 crore, respectively. Khan has paved his position with an increase in his annual income by 39 per cent, as compared to the Rs 32 crore he paid a year ago means the ‘Sultan’ star has paid 44.5 crore as advance tax.

Akshay Kumar is second in the list of highest tax payers in bollywood, paying almost the same as the previous year. Hrithik Roshan, who became the highest paid actor in ‘Mohenjo Daro’, has paid Rs 25.5 crore as advance tax as compared to 14 crore in the previous year.
Kapil Sharma is the richest television film personality in India. The comedian Kapil Sharma shows massive growth in this year due to his show on Sony television. Kapil paid 23.9 crores this year and last year he paid 7 crores. Excellent growth!
Ranbir Kapoor has made it to the Top 5. Deepika Padukone is the highest tax-paying actress by occupying 8th position in the list.

List of highest Advance Tax Payers in Bollywood:-

No Name                                    2016-17                         2015-16
1    Salman Khan                      44.5 crore                    32 crore
2   Akshay Kumar                   29.9 crore                    30 crore
3   Hrithik Roshan                 25.5 crore                     14 crore
4   Kapil Sharma                     23.9 crore                     7 crore
5   Ranbir Kapoor                  16.5 crore                      22.3 crore
6   Aamir Khan                        14.8 crore                     9.6 crore
7   Karan Johar                       11.7 crore                       2 crore
8   Deepika Padukone          10.25 crore                    9 crore
9   Alia Bhatt                            4.33 crore                     2.9 crore
10  Kareen Kapoor Khan      3.9 crore                       7 crore


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