Holi Celebration Ideas in Offices

Holi Celebration Ideas in Offices

Celebrating Holi in the office? Observing any fiesta in the office is a perfect idea to break out of the daily office routine. It is a space that brings up the growth of not only an individual, but also the organization as a whole. The productivity of a company depends upon the office atmosphere. A positive reinforcement can be planned for the employees in many ways. One of them is to celebrate the festivals together, within the office. This promotes a spirit of oneness and a sense of belonging among the employees. Below are some ideas for celebrating Holi in the office.

Holi Celebration Ideas in Offices:-

Plan the event one or two days before Holi day-

1. Best dressed contest (Male & Female):

To make your holi celebration memorable you could dress up all employees in some particular dress code. Make a Multi colored Indian traditional dress code for all. Senior management should be definitely dressed in Indian tradition code attire on the day. Keep some good awards for the winners. Let there be a committee to judge the same.

2. Decoration:

Holi Celebration Ideas in Offices
You must decorate your office. You can make a team of some members who will apply holi decoration ideas in your office. Decorate Cafeteria & Reception with lots of colorful balloons, ribbons, etc. to give special Holi effects. Place different holi colors in a tray (Thali) at the reception.

3. Music:

You can organize a music session before or after playing holi in your office. It brings smile and fresh energy in all the employees for the festival. You can also arrange for peppy music related to Holi. If you know the choices about your guest, you could also play a personalized song for everyone.

4. Rangoli Competition:

rangoli competition
You can also organize the Rangoli competition in the employees to be made from Holi colors and then select the winners accordingly.

5. Free Special lunch for all:

If you want to make your employees eat after holi celebration party, this idea is best for you. Give a special lunch for all the employees. Holi can’t be imagined without sweets. Keep sweet dish as GUJEEIA. You can also ask the food vendors to put some special chaat (Allo-tikki,Gol-gappe, bhel-puri…) counters (depends on your budget)

6. Communication:

Most important – once you decide on the plan, prepare a beautiful & colorful presentation & make sure you communicate very well in advance, so that employees can plan accordingly.

Hope you enjoyed these celebration ideas for holi. Share these party ideas for holi celebration so that your friends and family know about these holi theme party ideas.
Wish u all a very happy & colorful holi !!

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