4 Simple Tools You Can Use For Nail Art Dotting

Nail art tools

Are you a big fan of nail art? I am too! But many times, visiting a fancy nail art parlor is just not feasible. But the good news is that you can now create your own nail art with dotting tools that are far from expensive! Sounds improbable? You better believe it!

Simple Nail Art Dotting Tools

If you are a fashion freak, this article will definitely ‘speak’ to you! Check out these magical nail art dotting tools for creating perfect nail art designs at home:

1. Hair Pins:

Nail art tools

Yes, all you lovely ladies! You got me right. I am talking about the simple black hair pin that finds a small corner in your cupboard. This hair pin can help you customize attractive dotting designs nail art easily. Dip one end of the ignored hair pin in your favorite nail paint color. And get clean dots in no time.

2. Paint Brush:

Nail art tools

Paint brushes can be used to make larger dots. You can use makeup brushes as well to get clean large dots on your nails. You can also make different designs with these paint brushes.


Nail art tools

Toothpicks are a gem in the list of home tools for creating nail art designs. Both the ends of toothpick can be used to create dot patterns. The sharper edge gives very small dots that can be lined in a circle to get a professional nail art design.

4. Safety Pins:

Nail art tools

Safety pins also make a fantastic nail art dotting tool. Stretch the two ends wide apart to ensure you don’t get hurt. Use the pointed tip of the safety pin to create ultra small dots. Dip the pointed end in a nail polish tub and create fancy dot designs in a heartbeat.
You can also create different patterns like floral dots, parallel designs and much more with precision, using these nail art dotting tools for creating perfect nail art designs at home.

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