Reliance JioFi Device Price, How to Buy, and Everything You Need to Know

Reliance Jio JioFi


• Anyone can buy a Reliance Jio JioFi device
• It is priced at Rs. 1,999
• It’s a great way of getting started with Reliance Jio without a VoLTE phone

You’ve heard by now about Reliance Jio. Reliance is giving away free Reliance Jio SIM cards to everyone with unlimited free usage of the network until December 31. And also unlimited use of Jio’s services, which include news, games, music, and video on demand. However, your smartphone may not be compatible with the network of Reliance Jio and only one device that could help bring your whole house online is the Reliance Jio JioFi device.

Due to cheap calling of Reliance Jio in India, everyone is interested in Jio right now is to access free, fast, free calling and unlimited data. As of now, in India mobile data is still pretty expensive – for example, a 2GB pack in Karnataka from Vodafone will set you back by Rs. 530. Coming of Reliance Jio, it has changed all that with data as low as Rs. 25 per GB.

Everyone gets access to the Reliance Jio network, the reason speeds are great and there are no FUPs. Consuming 10GB of mobile data on another network would be inconceivable, but many people are consuming that much in a single day with Jio, and that’s likely to continue at least during the preview offer.

Many people are just getting a Jio SIM and switching on the Wi-Fi hotspot on their smartphones, So that others can also use unlimited free usage of the network. The problem with this is that it drains the phone’s battery, and thus limits the usefulness. That’s where the Reliance JioFi device comes into the picture.

What is Reliance Jio JioFi

Reliance Jio JioFi is a personal hotspot – the kind of thing you’ve seen some all mobile carriers. It is a small device that acts as a bridge between a local Wi-Fi network and the 4G network that it creates, which your phone, laptop, tablets and other devices can connect to.

The best thing is that it is a small device that will fit into your pocket. JioFi is a very simple way of getting your home online. It comes with a rechargeable battery – this means that you can plug it in at home, or put it in your pocket and take your connection with you when you head out.
Interestingly, you can also place calls or send messages through the JioFi by using the Jio Join app on your phone. This means that even if your smartphone doesn’t support 4G, you can also make full use of Reliance Jio’s network thanks to the JioFi.

How to buy a Reliance JioFi?

Just walk into the nearest Reliance Digital/ Reliance Digital Xpress Mini store and you can purchase a Reliance JioFi. All you’ll need to carry a passport size photo, an address proof and one photo ID. Once you fill out the forms the number will be activated. After the activation, you’ll have to call 180089011977 for televerification – the exact steps are given on the package and it’s pretty straightforward.

Reliance JioFi Price and tariff plans

Reliance Jio JioFi is only priced at Rs. 1,999, down from its earlier price of Rs. 2,899 and data is free to use until December 31. As of now, the company has made no statement about what the plans will be post that date, though they are likely to be similar, if not better, than what’s being offered to other Jio SIM card holders.

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