Tips for soft and luscious Pink Lips

Tips for soft and luscious Pink Lips

If you are suffer from dry, dull and discolored lips, there is no need worry! Your lips just need a little care and attention. Pollution, over-exposure to sun, smoking, cosmetics and also hormonal imbalance are some of the factors that cause darkening of lips. Here are a few tips that will help you in regaining the luscious pink colour lips:-

• One of the best way to get naturally pink lips is to regularly exfoliate your lips with scrub. Mix sugar, honey, and coconut oil to create an exfoliating lip scrub.

• Moisturize your lips by using cocoa butter, coconut oil, or olive oil because Frequent and intense moisturization is key for getting soft and pink lips . You can also use your hydrating lip balm, particularly important during periods of very hot or cold weather, as these conditions cause lips to become dried out and flaky.

• Completely remove makeup before going to bed by using olive oil or a almond oil. Leaving lip makeup on overnight can cause lips to become dried out and even discolored.

• Keep your lips hydrated. You can do this by drinking plenty of water and also try to eat fruit with a high water content, such as melon, tomato and cucumber.

• Use pomegranate seeds to lighten your lips. Crush up the seeds of a pomegranate. Mix the crushed seeds with small quantity of cold milk cream to form a paste. Apply this paste to your lips.

• To remove lip discoloration, make a paste of turmeric powder and cold milk. Apply this paste on to your lips and leave it for five minutes. Rinse off it with warm water. It also helps you to make lips pink and healthy.

• You can use beetroot juice on your lips because beetroot juice acts as a natural lip stain which will temporarily turn your lips a bright cherry red.

• Rose petals will give your lips a naturally rosy color! You can simply crush the rose petals and rub it on your lips for a pretty pink flush.

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