Tips on Keeping Your Feet Looking Great When You Wear High Heels

tips to keep your feet looking great

Every woman loves to wear high heels because there’s nothing sexier than a great pair of high heels. However, heels can cause a tremendous amount of pain, discomfort, and problems with your feet. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best tips to keep your feet looking great and relaxable when you wear high heels often.

1. Wear The Right Size Shoe.

While wearing heels is to find the right size. The size of your feet changes over the years, Make sure that you are not wearing heels that are too small for your feet. And also measure both the length and width of the heels that are going to fit properly. Wearing the wrong heel size can cause problems likes hammer toes and bunions.

2. Know Your Foot Type.

shoe type

While wearing heels another important thing is to know your foot type. Every people have different types of feet, so it’s important to figure out if you have a high arch foot or a flat foot. Different heights and styles of heels will fit one type better than the other, helping to eliminate potential pain, discomfort and problems.

3. Go For A Thicker Heel.

high heels

If you have trouble walking in heels, avoid thin heels, the stilettos. Go for the heels that have a solid base because a thicker heel will provide more overall support for your feet and more comfortable.

4. Always Moisturize Your Feet.


In order to keep your feet looking good, daily moisturizing is essential. You can use olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil as a moisturizer to your feet. It will give your feet and toes a relaxing and rejuvenating daily treat. If you want to purchase a pre-made moisturizer, then your moisturizer must have ingredients including Shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil. All will help to keep your feet looking as good as new.

In addition daily moisturizing helps you to remove calluses and bunions as they appear. So apply moisturizer every evening on your feet, after removing your shoes. Just a few minutes of work can help a long way toward keeping your feet looking great.

5. Regular Pedicures.


Who wear heels often, regular pedicures to your feet is particularly beneficial for individuals and also help to keep their feet looking great. Pedicures helps to remove dead skin and calluses. Pedicures help to exfoliate the entire foot bed and keep your toenails looking great. They are also excellent for circulation, helping you to maintain supple and make your feet healthy even in the tallest of heels.

There are plenty of different things that you can use to keep your feet looking as good as possible. This is even the case when you choose to wear high heels, shoes that are known to cause sore, tired and damaged feet. We strongly recommend you to invest in the right size shoes, moisturize daily and splurge on those pedicures so you can strut your stuff looking and you feel great in that favorite pair of high heels.


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