Top 10 Most Popular Dancers of All Time

Popular Dancers
Martha Graham Dance Company HŽrodiade Fang-Yi Sheu Photo by John Deane ©

It was quite difficult to create the list of top dancers of all time because there are thousand of dancers available in the world that magnetize you with their dancing skills. The art of Dance is something that generally involves movement of the body, expressions and music.

Some people take dance as a passion and some dance for joy. Though not complete, the following list highlights some of the best dancers of the past and present. Have a look:-

10. Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan is an Indian female Actress known for his work ethic and versatility. He is the best dancer of Bollywood. He is the God of dance, he literally became the dance and not a dancer. He has the ability to carry off most complex steps with grace and undoubtedly a superb facial expression. His every performance shows how efficient he is at dancing.

9. Madonna


Madonna, is an American singer, recording artists and a dancer. She is one of the most influential dancers in the world and her successful career, made her one of the Best Selling Artists of All Time. Her very lengthily career of singles, albums and dance sequences has been nicknamed her Princess of pop. Later she also got her name Queen of pop.

8. Shakira


Shakira is hugely successfully Colombian pop singer, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model. Born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia, who is known for the hits “Whenever, Wherever” and “Hips Don’t Lie” and for her strong vocals and incredible hip-shaking belly dance moves. Her dancing style and sing at the same time is absolutely amazing.

7. Martha Graham

Martha Graham

Martha Graham was an influential American dancer, teacher, and choreographer of modern dance. She was widely considered as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. She was the first dancer to receive the highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom. She danced and choreographed for over seventy years. During that time Martha Graham was the first dancer ever to perform at The White House and also the first dancer ever to travel abroad as a cultural ambassador.
She said

“I have spent all my life with dance and being a dancer. It’s permitting life to use you in a very intense way. Sometimes it is not pleasant. Sometimes it is fearful. But nevertheless it is inevitable.”

6. Gene Kelly


Eugene Curran Kelly, famous name Gene Kelly, was an American film actor and director, singer, producer and choreographer and dancer. Kelly was a major exponent of 20th-century filmed dance, known for his energetic, athletic dancing style and classical ballet technique transformed the film musical.
In 1999, American film institute named Kelly among the greatest male stars of all the time. He is probably best known for his performance in “Singing in the Rain”.

5. Joaquín Cortés


Joaquín Cortés is a classically trained ballet and a “sex god” Spanish Flamenco dancer. He has managed to become a phenomenal s-x symbol and is still single and believe that “dancing is my wife, my only woman.”
He traveled the world with the Spanish National Ballet and performed in important venues. In 1995, he formed in two international movies “Flamenco” and “The flower of my secret.”

4. Madhuri Dixit


Madhuri Dixit is “Queen of Classical Dance” and one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. She has the magic of controlling our minds by her lovely and remarkable expressions. She is acquired the position of Judge in Color’s famous celebrity based dance reality show “Jhalak Dikhlaja” last seven seasons .
She is the greatest dancer of India. This dancing Queen is best known for her best known for her famous dance songs in Bollywood films like ek do teen (Tezaab), Dhak Dhak (Beta), Maar dala (Devdas), Aaja Nachle, Ghagra and many others.

3. Rudolf Nureyev


Rudolf Nureyev is regarded as one of the most celebrated and greatest male ballet dancer of the 20th century. He recognized as an incredibly gifted dancer and start dancing professionally at the age of 15.
He works in films like the “Glory of the Kirvon” and “Don Quixote”. But he got his major success in “Romeo and Juliet” and holds one of the best performances in the history of ballet dance. In 1993, Unfortunately, Nureyev was one of the victims of HIV, and died from AIDS in 1993.

2. Michael Jackson

Michaek Jackson

Of course, Michael Jackson would be on the top! His contributions to music and dance made him the greatest personality of all time and best dancer in the world. He was the one who introduced robot dance and break dance and also wowed audiences with her eye-popping dance moves, notably one called the “moonwalk”.
The New York Times stated “The moonwalk” one of his best performances that made him famous for his dance style. ”. Michael displayed an amazing talent for rhythm and dance at a very young age. His iconic dance move moonwalk that has become trademark now and forever.

1. Mikhail Baryshnikov


Soviet-born Russian American dancer, choreographer, and actor is regarded as one of the best dancers in the world of all time. He is the greatest ballet dancers of the 20th century.
His success as a dramatic actor on stage, cinema and television has helped him become probably the most widely recognized contemporary dancer. He received a nomination for Oscar in Academy Award, the USA for best supporting actor role for the movie “The Turning Point.”

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